Our primary focus has been to develop a venue suitable for hosting sheepdog herding trials, and we have built several arenas to accomodate this goal.
In the future, we are hoping to host ASCA or AHBA trials offering stock dog/ranch dog events as well as arena trials.
These arenas will also be available for patrons wishing to practice herding work on sheep or ducks with their dogs on a 'drop-in' basis. A typical drop in on ducks would be $10.00, and work with sheep will be $15.00.
Our herding venue is open to the public every year during the Columbia Basin Culture Tour, and we offer herding dog demonstarations during this event.

  • 60'x100'duck arena
  • a 100'x200'arena (can be subdivided)
  • a 200'x400'large field arena
  • a 50'diameter round pen
  • a 220' drive alley
  • An 70'x330' open field (can be used for dry camping)
  • Barn & Barnyard
  • Duck yard & orchard
  • Indian Runner Ducks
  • Whethers
  • Ewes

Barn Hunt

We are planning to offer 'Barn Hunt' dog events and trials when we can all get together again!!