Please contact us for availability of products and prices.

Item 1

Lambs & Hoggets

We have 4 MerinoX ewes, and 3 Katahdin ewes which produce 12-14 lambs each year.
Our ram is a Shropshire ram, and is RR for scrapie, so our lambs are also resistant.
BC Law requires that we sell these lambs live for buyer's purpose.
We sell the lambs for $250.00-$275.00 (based on size).
At the buyer's request, we will arrange for the butchering, and the butcher's fees are additional to the cost of the lamb. The butchering, cut & wrap fees are somewhere around $110.00 per lamb (based on hanging weight).

Hoggets are second year lambs, and are larger with a slightly stronger flavor, selling for $275.00-$300.00 + butchering fees.
We also have a limited supply of cut & wrapped lamb, ground lamb and garlic sausage available for purchase.

Lambs are also available for sale to those wishing to have their own 'lawn mowers'.
Most of our ram lambs will be banded (castrated) at 5 days of age, so it is necessary to let us know if you are looking for a full ram before we begin our lambing season.

Item 2

Wool Fleece and Fiber

After shearing, we have 5 MerinoX fleeces, 1 Shropshire (ram) fleece, and a few Merino/Shropshire cross fleeces available for sale. They are not 'processed' and are sold as raw fleece. The price of each fleece varies with the commodity market.
Skirting is done upon request, for $20./fleece.

Item 3

Indian Runner Ducks and Ducklings

Each year, we allow approximately two clutches to hatch out. Sexing ducks is a serious skill, and we do not have it, so it is very difficult to guarantee sex on ducklings. Please contact us for current pricing on hatchlings & older ducks.

Ducks do not start laying until 5 or 6 months of age, and may not produce eggs until the following spring.

Item 4

Duck eggs

Duck eggs are prized for baking! They are larger, richer and have a higher Omega3 and more essential vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs. They also have a longer shelf-life - especially if left unwashed until they are used.
We sell them unwashed, by the dozen for $7.50 at the farm.
During 'Social Distancing', we ask that our egg customers pick the eggs up at the farm, where we can place them on our bench at curbside. It's a chance to get out without getting out of your car, and the ferry ride is lovely!
Item 5

Rocambole & Music Garlic

We grow a generous amount of garlic each year, which we sell as 'seed' garlic or for culinary purposes.

Item 6

Apples & Other Fruit

We have three mature apple trees and one Italian plum tree that are generous producers. We process many pounds of apples into preserves, apple sauce, and chutney. Our younger fruit trees are just beginning their producing years, and yields are still small. We have some 'U-pick' available each year.