These animals and products are currently available at the farm.

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Yearly lambs are available as lawn mowers, or for meat.

We have had 16 new lambs born this April,2023 and lambs will be available for 'growing out' the first week of August, 2023. ( We are currently planning on keeping 6 -- 1 ewes and 5 wethers.)

Our Next lambing cycle will be in April, 2024. Pricing for 2023 is as follows: (the longer we feed them, the more they cost!)

Lambs just weaned for growing out - $225.00 ea --available in August.
Lambs 4-6 months old - $250.00 ea
Lambs 6-9 months old - $275.00ea (average hanging weight around ~35 lbs)
Lambs 9-12 months old- $300.00 ea
*Lambs/hoggets 12+ months - $330.00 ea (average hanging weight ~60 lbs)

*Hoggets are 1/3 larger (as they are older), the taste is a little stronger than early lambs, but we band (castrate) the ram-lambs their first week so there is no testosterone in their systems, and the flavour is the same for both ewes and wethers (castrated males).

If buying for meat, add butcher's fees (around $120.00/lamb).
Half a lamb may be purchased for half the scaled costs + $10.00 + 1/2 butcher's fees.
Standard cuts include; chops, rack, stew cuts, and leg and shoulder roasts.

All lambs must be purchased live.

**Proceessing is offered as a courtesy and a $30.00 carrying fee is added if we take them to the abatoir and butcher for you, then deliver.

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This is a very tasty, low-salt sausage made from mutton.
It is made for us by the 'sausage master' at Sentinel Meats and is fully cooked and ready to eat.

I have several recipes for main dish creations that I will be happy to share!

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The duck girls are over half way through their laying cycle for 2023.
We collect, on average, 8-10 eggs/day, so contact us a few days ahead so we reserve them for you..

Duck eggs keep for up to a month, unrefrigerated and unwashed, and up to three weeks in the referigerator if washed.
**Refridgerated eggs MUST be washed before refrigerating.

$8.00/dozen if unwashed. $9.00/dozen if washed.

If left in their naturaly-laid state, it is recommended they be rinsed off before cracking. :-)
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Indian Runner Ducks

We have no ducklings currently available, and will not be incubating in 2023.
We will have fertilized Runner duck eggs available for $10.00/dozen for those wishing to incubate their own.

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We will have 5 wool fleeces available again in late spring or early summer, 2023.
4 are MerinoX, 1 is full Shropshire.
We also have a good number of hair/Shropshire fleeces that can be used for rough insuation, mulching and holding moisture at the bottoms of panters.

The $18.00 price asked is our cost for shearing.
The fleeces are raw --if you would like them skirted, then please add $25. for the hour it takes me to do that.

There are several mills where fleeces can be sent for processing.
At last check, the cost of processing was approximately $20./454g (one pound), with shipping costs additional.
Shipping cost would likely be between $30-$50 for a single fleece. Small orders might take over a year to get processed.

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Orchard Fruit & Cherry Tomatoes

Weather and polinators willing, we will have a good crop Apples in 2023. Fruit becomes available in September/October.

SunGold & Sun Chocolate Cherry tomatoes are available in limited amounts beginning the end of July.

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