Our Little Farm--!!
We are open to visitors by appointment.
Rules of Social Distance MUST be observed. No groups larger than 4 people, please.

Please Email or call for an appointment.

Items may be paid for by way of interact or phone-in credit card.

Our hobby farm is located in Glade, British Columbia.
Glade is a modest rural community much of which resides within the 'Agricultural Land Reserve' of BC. There is a small, on-demand ferry that shuttles both residents and visitors across the Kootenay River to our community from the Glade Ferry Rd turn-off on Hwy 3A (between Castlegar and Nelson).
Glade was originally part of an 1100 acre ranch, when the land was purchased by the Doukhobor settlers, who established several, small logging communities.
As time has passed, many of the older, original families moved on, but there are a few decendents of the original settlers remaining. Most of the original homes and outbuildings have fallen or been replaced, but a few remain as historic reminders.
Our cozy log barn--originally a dwelling (built in 1908)--had been converted to a barn prior to our move here. It is a lovely small barn and is home to our eight resident breeding ewes. We wanted to preserve this remnant of Glade history, and have reworked, repaired and updated it to work for our situation.

A Farm and Herding Trial Venue

image When it came time for retirement, we looked for something that would keep us both active, involved and able to participate in various dog activities and venues. We had been working with herding and herding trialing for a number of years, and decided that a small farm, where we could be a bit more self-sufficient, work with our dogs, and have our own 'stock' would be the perfect way to spend our time.
In our pre-retirement preparations, we had bought, or nearly bought two other rural properties prior to this one in Glade, so we decided to call this plot "third time charmed" or 3TC.

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